The Academic Writing Studio: information for Australians & New Zealanders

The heart of the Academic Writing Studio is A Meeting With Your Writing, a synchronous event that helps you keep your commitment to write through group membership, payment, and the ability to tell colleagues that you “have a conference call”.

We use Zoom for the sessions, so joining is not a problem. The big issue is whether the time zone works.

From April to October, when the UK is on summer time and those of you who have seasonal time changes are on winter time, the Monday, 10 a.m. UK, Meeting With Your Writing is early evening Monday in most parts of Australia (9 p.m. in New Zealand).

Writing in Progress sign

Perth 5 p.m.

Adelaide 6:30 p.m.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 7 p.m.

For most of October, it moves one hour later for those who change to Daylight Savings Time. It will move another hour later at the end of the month when Europe and North America switch to Winter time.

This isn’t ideal.

A big part of the culture of my business is that you shouldn’t be working at all hours. I strongly believe that it is possible for you to have sensible hours and a life outside of work. That said, you do have flexibility. And if A Meeting With Your Writing would help you write regularly during term time, and you can make that time work for you, you are more than welcome to join us. I recommend you start your day later, or take a couple of hours off later in the week to compensate.

How this might work:

Your academic year begins in March. Things are chaotic and busy. You make a commitment to join the Academic Writing Studio as a full member and start attending A Meeting With Your Writing in April. This allows you to focus on teaching and all the beginning of term chaos through the first few weeks of term without that nagging doubt that you won’t write again until Summer or the inter-semester break.

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You join in mid-March and use the recordings of Planning Your Autumn Semester and Establishing a Writing Practice to get a clearer idea of how writing will fit into your semester. (Perhaps you use the time slot that will become A Meeting With Your Writing once the clocks change.) Maybe you start the 15 minute/day challenge as a gentle way to get writing into your regular working day.

Clocks change, and you start attending A Meeting With Your Writing on Monday evenings. You keep up your 15 minute a day practice to keep your momentum between Mondays. If you are able to schedule another longer writing session later in the week, you use the Jo On Tap recording for entry and exit.

In October, you are now almost finished teaching. You’ve built up a good writing habit. A Meeting With Your Writing is no longer at a convenient time but you can carry the momentum forward through the summer using the other resources. You use the recording in the Studio to Plan Your Summer and maybe revisit Establishing a Practice.

Want to join the Studio?

A full membership is £50 per month paid by recurring payment, although we do have options to pay less or more depending on your circumstances.