If English isn’t your first language

Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welkom. Bienvenido.

Image Your Academic Writing PracticeWould you like to come to A Meeting With Your Writing but you don’t write in English (or not all the time)? Are you wondering if the resources of the Academic Writing Studio will be worth it for you?

Not all members have English as a first language. I assume you understand English well enough to follow me on Twitter and read this page, and I know that academic life often requires you to read complex texts in English even if you don’t write in English.

A Meeting With Your Writing is a dedicated time for you to write. We don’t talk in detail about what we are writing. We don’t read each other’s work. I have no idea whether members are writing in English or another language.

We turn up. I do a short opening thing to get you oriented. You can answer the questions I ask in any language you like; those answers are YOUR notes. We  write for a full 90 minutes. We come back and I ask another few questions to end the session. We chat a bit about how things went if people want to share.

My own languages are a bit rusty but my French has been excellent, I did 3 years of Spanish at university, and I understand some basic German, Dutch, and Italian. If we need do the bilingual conversation thing, I am fine with that. And I have no problem understanding English that has syntactical oddities that come from your first language. I’m not judging the quality of your academic work or your English; I’m helping you get it done. If you have questions contact me and I’ll try to help.

If joining the Academic Writing Studio and coming to A Meeting With Your Writing would improve your academic life, please join us.